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Offering a discreet and relaxing body waxing to all of our customers, Urbane Salon Company strives to offer a high-quality service leaving you feeling fresh and smooth. Whether you require waxing services for your leg, underarm, bikini area, facial waxing or any other body part, our experienced and professional beauticians will take care of you, ensuring that you remain as comfortable as possible.

Our Products and Services

Our specialists combine hard wax and strips to ensure minimal discomfort during the process. Our body waxing services are offered for any part of the body, some of which are particularly sensitive. Our team employs proven techniques and products to make the process swift, effective and comfortable. Our waxing salon provides ample private space for our customers, offering a discrete and calm atmosphere. After your waxing, we follow up with a moisturizing routine to soothe, calm and protect your skin.

For those experiencing the process for the first time, or have particularly sensitive skin, it is not uncommon to experience some redness and/or minor irritation. We only use proven safe waxing products, and your knowledgeable team member will also have some guidelines to reduce possible reactions.

A Waxing Salon You Can Trust

Urbane is the right company to call for all of your body waxing needs. With expert and affordable services, we can help get rid of unwanted body hair in all areas. Get in touch with us at (970) 660-8300 to find out more about our service, or to schedule your appointment.

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